LMO HAS TAught furniture, recycling, & design related courses to children & adults @ a number of studios, schools, & camps over the years. lifestyle beliefs are at the core of the diy topics emphasized ; learning through doing, connecting environmental wellbeing with small manufacturing practices , building self esteem through diy empowerment, encouraging experimentation rather than accepting the world as-is, social engagement through entrepreneurialism.

defining space: furniture lighting & sculpturebard COLLEGE @ Simon's Rock

RESourceful design @ kokrobitey institute, ghana

design reclaim & girls woodworking @ Kite'sNest, Hudson, NY

intuitive furniture @ No school w/ arts N' Parts, Rockaways, NYC

upholstery @ textile arts center, nyc

woodworking & Bent lamination @ 3rd ward, bk & MAKEVILLe, bk