CHILLZONE was an experimental living room installation co-curated by Zoe Alexander Fisher and Elise, december 2014 @ 99¢ Plus Gallery.

The CHILLZONE installation included the work of over 30 artists via books, furniture, sculpture, lighting, paintings, and more. The project’s success depended on not only the installation, but also the interactions that would exist within it. Thus began the CHILLZONE SESSIONS. The CHILLZONE SESSIONs Were a series of discussions btwn peers w diverse relationships to art and design. These talks were recorded, transcripted and excerpts were brought together in a piece for tunica magazine

New works by ...Elise McMahon, Clayton Schiff, Francesca Capone, Joey Watson, Michael Assiff, Tom Forkin, & Will Rose 

Good reads by....Annie Bielski, Booklet, Clayton Schiff, For The Record, Frances Sulton, Gretta Johnson, Injury Magazine, Kizu Magazine, Peradam + more!